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Mystic Tan

Mystic Tan
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What is the Mystic Tan Booth?

The Mystic Tan™ booth is a full-body, DHA tanning process that utilizes MagneTan™ technology, a revolutionary process that allows the booth to apply a uniform amount of tanning solution to all parts of the body. When the special Mystic Tan™ solution passes through the booth’s nozzles, the particles of solution are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets.” MagneTan™ technology uses the body’s own magnetic properties to attract the solution particles to all surfaces of the skin. When the tanning process is finished, the consumer simply steps out of the booth, towels-off any excess mist, dresses, and exits. The result is a uniform, natural-looking tan in less than five minutes.

Will it turn me orange?

What should I wear in the spray tanning booth?

Will I be wet when I step out of the Mystic Tan booth?

How long do I have to wait after a tanning session before I can shower?

Do I need to cover my hair while tanning in the Mystic Tan tanning booth?

Has anyone had an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in the Mystic Tan tanning solution?

Do I need to hold my breath during the tanning session?

Will the components of the Mystic Tan solution make my skin have an unpleasant smell?